Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ode to Opie

He was left-handed. We know that because once you finished a bowl of cereal or a glass of milk, he would sneak up to it, and put his left paw to the bottom, and go to town. You know, the last little puddle that is impossible to get... Opie was such a genius, he knew to put his paw in, touch the milk, and then lick it off!

His first word was "Heh-woah!" He said it an ornery manner, sitting at your feet, looking you in the eye, as if to say, "Hold me, pet me, and love on me, would ya!" He would also say it when he wanted in or out the door, as he stretched with his front legs to the door handle, trying to turn it.

Opie loved dark fabrics, and coffee tables to stretch out on. He loved sleeping in the sun and would sleep in our bed during the winter to keep warm. He was always looking for bugs to chase, fake mice to hide, and has been known to take down a few Christmas trees in his day.

As a baby, he would shred the toilet paper in the bathroom, and slide around the kitchen floor on plastic bags as we put away groceries. It was hysterical when he'd get his head stuck inside something. He was always up for a good snuggle, or even hiding in our dresser drawers.

We are very sad over losing you, dear Opie. Rest in peace, good buddy... we know you are seated at the right hand of Jesus! See you when we get to Heaven!